About Us


At Tick Tots around the Clock Daycare LLC, your child’s well-being is important to address throughout the day, from when they first arrive in the morning and connect with that staff throughout the day. That’s why we provide live video for you to be able to check on your child while you are away.

Mission statement

 Tick Tots around the Clock Daycare LLC exists to provide quality care for children through to provide quality care for children through a cooperative partnership between parents and staff. We provide a safe, affordable high quality child care for the members of our community. We provide a home like environment where children are encourage to develop at their own peace.

At Tick Tots around the Clock Daycare the staff is committed to the families we serve, providing support and encouragement. It is our goal to serve a role model of child care excellence for the community at large.
Tick Tots around the clock Daycare will be established to help out families that are in need. Not only will parents be able to get help with their children’s, but the children will also be able to experience independence early on in life. The guiding principles of this company will enhance social skills of children and adolescents, while providing proper care and help to their parents and guardians.

For parents seeking to secured a job that leads to financial security there’s an essential element in their success reliable childcare. All parents want the best, highest quality care for their children, but when working hours fall outside the traditional hours of most childcare providers, employment can quickly go from a promising opportunity to an economic and logistical impossibility.

This is why Tick Tots around the Clock Daycare in Anderson SC understands this issue all to well. Our man focuse is the needs of families primarily single mothers/fathers who dont work traditional 9-5 jobs. By offering affordable high quality learning environment, nutritious meals, school transportation.

Vision statement

Our vision is to be recognized leader in providing the best care for infants, preschool, and school age children. We will be known for our exceptional education programs, talented teams and community relationships, pride ourselves on our unique blend of the fun an learning in a safe and nurturing environment

Helping Your Child…

Play-Learn-Grow by

Exploring, Talking, Thinking, Trying, Imagining, Daydreaming, Inventing, Risk Taking, Giving, Sharing, Making Choices, Working, Relaxing, Challenging, Turn Taking, Pausing, Running, Climbing, Skipping, Jumping, Shouting, Whispering, Singing, Making Friends, Being Yourself, Being Someone Else, Role Playing, Acting, Caring, Negotiating, Reading, Writing, Counting, Measuring, Trying Things Out, Feeling, Leading, Storytelling, Building, Laughing, Smiling, Learning.


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